o movimento do entre pelo tempo e pelo espaço, onde cada palavra é figura esburacada, e o rosto de ninguém expande ao infinito.

segunda-feira, 21 de setembro de 2015


 Da seca e distensões do espaço

I’ve been seated here watching time lapses pass with intensities I can’t measure. The slow days are currupted by sun lashes coliding inside my eyeballs and across this learning skins. Open skys have been engaging my commitement with the clouds, that carry the wet understanding through the limits that divide us. Once again the wakening paths of the morning, wich takes care in our cells to generate reactions under the muscles, show our insisting distinctions because the wakening means to recreate the beats and speculations beneath flesh of soulfull teardrops. Joy is not an objective cherrished when carring blood pumping yells at faces discoulored: I need the big ocean as an origin of life and veins and pores and secrets. And the opening imense rests inside. 

[O ímpeto que impele amedronta, uma mão vem do contido que não pode romper a camada e seu corpo começa a espasmar, escorrer irregularmente pelos redemunhos espiralados nos órgãos, você brada os descaminhos, apenas nada tomaria parte da inacessível questão: a que se faz distante, nessa mudez que aqui tomam as formas dos borrões acidentais que afundam estruturas inteiras. O cataclismo de eclodirem a inquietude e o ser gigantesco cada movimentar-se apresenta-se imediato.]

Here I am at the bakery drinking morning coffee, I dont know what time it is actually and it doesnt matter even though it has occupied my head for a moment. An olderly woman I have never met before is telling neighbourhood stories that I also didnt know existed around here how long afterall have I been here inhabiting these streets wich I believe to have conquered already, but the fact is such as the cold wind blows through my coffee cup and I am drinking slowly the earth and drops of coffee roll over themselves because the past is being left around everywhere beneath our feet somewhere baried getting closer to inside almost at the point to come across and begin on the other side as story telling launched into blue skies so opened it is the own sea oceanic disclosure where everything goes, the ultimate end, my deares interlocutor.

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