o movimento do entre pelo tempo e pelo espaço, onde cada palavra é figura esburacada, e o rosto de ninguém expande ao infinito.

segunda-feira, 9 de dezembro de 2013

the beginning

ancient animals sometimes scare those who can't pay enough attention to their steps. these animals are strong because they urge a wisdom that comes from the movements of the earth. they are pure instinct, senses, and act according to their deep eyes and expansive souls. they are not sweet and receptive, but hard to reach and even harder to face. although, once you are in front of them, you are captive, you realize their oppening, and you are confronted with a feeling of life and death's relevance. you will never be the same. everything will be destroyed, fluxes will turn upside down, and what you thought you understood will turn into chaos. you will be called to deal with your own fragilities. of course, you can take a chance and run away. be back on a ground that appears to be quiet and safe. but, once you decide to stay, moved by the incredible amount of life carried out by it's breaths, you feel calm, and suddenly able to comprehend silence. you feel humble, with a sudden disposition to learn, and recognize the independence of changes, along with your own capacities of choice. you start to see yourself as a moving body, that integrates nature within every single step, that is pure change, pure matter combined beautifully and not randomly into that person that you are. and, from that day on, meetings will no longer be in vain, because the amount of life you recognized on the wild animal as belonging, also, to yourself, you rage out from everywhere, from everything that exists, as movement, possibilities, chaos, changing matter, responsability of choice and universal knowledge. you will no longer waste meetings, you will feel a deep power to fight for them, just because they happened, and, specially, you will be forever brave as it turns to facing your own fears and not letting them be mistreated, as strangers, or locked up into a small box. 

so... are you gonna face and learn, or are you gonna run into an apathy abyss?

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