o movimento do entre pelo tempo e pelo espaço, onde cada palavra é figura esburacada, e o rosto de ninguém expande ao infinito.

sábado, 17 de dezembro de 2016

It requires small steps
For each movement is a risk
All the parts of ones body outta
Be recognized, because the ocean is all over.

Walking is an impossible task
Without magic resilience awknowledge
Covered up by the stones of the river
The only way down to infinity
The blessed pagan experience
Down the river of under
Home of creations resources.

This body may be
On its course journey
The loving life beneath
Storms tears over the forest
For we are alive still
Corageous sun creatures
And our hands shall know
How to find each others opening point
A needle through all worlds
Multifractured by a tunderlight
Fallen twoards us
Right where we seat at.

So little, so inmense
Some more gathered molecules
The impossible structures of
I mean my feet can step on solid earth
Or decide to visit the moons inside mistery.

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